RYAN G. BASNER - Professional Pitching Instruction
Want to improve your statistics?
Want to strike out more batters?
Want to take your game to the next level?
If you want to play with the BEST you need to train with the BEST!!!
Improve your mechanics to increase velocity, accuracy and consistency.  Learn how to throw more quality strikes and give up fewer hits.
Pitching well is a difficult skill to master.  It takes a lot of practice and instruction to succeed on the mound. I will introduce you to the 6 essential pitching steps I learned throughout my college and professional career and will also teach you drills to keep your mechanics fine tuned throughout your season and baseball career.  The correct mechanics will also help you to avoid injury and throw faster. I have worked with players at all levels, from beginners to All-Americans. 
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Baseball Workouts.  Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Speed and Agility, 
Baseball Specific Endurance Strength Training!
Just $400 for 10 sessions. 2 sessions per week!
email me for special group rates!
For the 6th year in a row I am offering Winter Workouts.  We will do 3 workouts in December and  3 Workouts in January/February.
We will concentrate on almost individual drills. Each workout will conclude with some conditioning, agility, and core work.  Remember this is to get prepared for the spring season.
$80 for 5 sessions (6th free) up front or $20 each time.  We will schedule each workout for 1 hr.  Each workout will include hitting, fielding, pitching, agilities and core work.
Please RSVP so I can make a schedule.  Also include if you will be paying ahead or paying per workout.
Right Now- Buy 5 lessons get a 6th FREE
With advanced purchase!
****NEW RATES*****
30 minute lessons for individuals / 1 hour lessons for groups
$45 for a 1/2 hour lesson
$60 for an hour lesson Pitching and Hitting combo
For every 3 players you refer you get your next lesson FREE
Contact me for group rates.
Please print and fill out this waiver before you come to your first lesson or clinic.
Weekly Schedule most times stay the same each week.  Email me your possible dates and times.  I am flexible!!! 
Hitting is timing.  Pitching is upsetting timing.  ~Warren Spahn
Help me spread the word about my lessons - for every three clients you refer to me, you will receive a free lesson!
Receive the best pitching lessons in the Charleston, Johns Island, James Island and Mt. Pleasant areas.
Contact me at rbpitchinglessons@gmail.com to schedule your lesson today!  
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